When gold speaks every tongue is silent

Are you already retirement age? Do you already have retirement plans for yourself? If not, it’s time to get one. It’s a good idea to have your individual retirement account investing in gold. Why gold? Because when we say gold… it means a lot of money and has a history of value.

If you already have an IRA account all you need to do is to apply for Gold IRA account. You need to submit the necessary forms and meet their requirements. Then you will decide if you will invest in gold and have it added to you account or buy gold coins or gold bars. IRA Gold accounts are the future!

When gold speaks every tongue is silent. – this is an Italian proverb.

Then if you have an existing 401k account, you can also transfer your account to the 401k gold account. But it’s not just gold you can invest in – you can also have silver and even platinum without any tax penalties. It’s better to invest in gold because it has a track record of rising in value, getting higher and higher. Gold 401k accounts are more convenient to process if you already have the IRA account and vice versa.

Take note that during your application on IRA Gold transfer is not that easy. It will take time to complete the process. As always, consult with your accountant or investment broker before making the big decision!