Loka Niti – Words of Wisdom: The Bad Man

Continued from The Good Man

The Bad Man
62) Do not love the unvirtuous too much. Even though praised highly, the wicked may act impolitely and boisterously.

63) The snake is extreme in anger. The wicked is more furious than the snake. Though the snake can be subdued by charm and drugs, there is no remedy for subduing of the wicked.

64) One who knows himself of his foolishness, may be said to be the wise. One who thinks of himself as the wise even though he is foolish, may be said to be the foolish.

65) The foolish thinks his evil deeds as honey so long as there occurs no due results for his evil deeds. When bad results occurred due to his evil deeds, then he gets into trouble.

66) The fool, if he is stronger, may plunder others’ possessions by force. After death that fool of less knowledge lands in hell. The night is long to one who can’t sleep. A stage (One Yojana distance) is long to a weary traveler. To fools not knowing virtue, the Samsara is long. ( Smsara means circle of lives that full of pain and sufferings.)

67) Evil-minded person notices others’ fault, which is as small as sesame seed. But he never sees his own fault which is as big as coconut.

68) The praise of the foolish amounts to punishment. The praise of the wise is said to be well praised.

69) By giving bribes to the avaricious. By giving respects to the arrogant. By granting wishes to the foolish. By telling truth to the wise.One should win over others to his side.