Loka Niti – Words of Wisdom: Friendship

Continued from The Bad Man

70) Disease, though arising in the body does not bring benefit. Herbs though growing in the forest can be beneficial.

71) If one bring benefit, a stranger may be considered as relative. If one does not confer benefit, even though he is close relative, may be considered a stranger.

72) Showing in gratitude in the absence, being sweet in the presence, such a person should be shunned just like shunning the honey in a pot of poison.

73) If wealth is lost, friends, son and wife , brothers and sisters may leave away. They want to associate only to the rich. Wealth in this world is a great friend.

74) A servant can be known as good or bad after being assigned a duty. A relative can be known good or bad when one is in danger. A friend can be known as good or bad when property diminishes. A wife can be known good or bad when wealth is exhausted.

75) He who brings benefit is a relative.He who looks after one are the parents. he who is affectionate is a friend. She who pacifies the husband is the wife.

76) One should not love either enemy or friend too much. Even though a friend, when one becomes angry, one may reveal all of your faults.

77) Do not leave remnants of fire. Do not leave remnants of debt, Do not leave remnants of disease, As those may increase many times no remnants should be left.

78) Whose face is like lotus lily,Whose words are as cool as sandal-wood, Whose heart is full of poison, One should not associate with such a person of that nature.

79) Who is severe,Who is niggardly, Who is uncharitable, Who is oppressive, One should not serve and rely on such a master.

80) Avoid a horned animal from a distance of fifty cubits, A horse from a hundred, A tusker from a thousand, A bad-hat by totally quitting the place where he lives.

81) A bad place, A bad friend, A bad descendent, A bad relative, A bad wife, A bad servant, all these should be abandoned.

82) He who stands together – When disease strikes, When hunger strikes, When impoverished, When captured by enemy, When having to face the court,When there is death in the home,

83) Such a companion is a true friend. With pleasant words a person has many friends, With harsh words a person has a few,Similarly, the cool moon has many stars surrounding it while the hot sun is all alone.