Loka Niti – Words of Wisdom: The Woman

Continued from Friendship

The Woman
84) The beauty of the cuckoo is the voice. The beauty of the woman is devotion to her husband. The beauty of the ugly is knowledge. The beauty of the hermit is forbearance.

85) Beauty is the wealth of a woman. Education is the wealth of a man. Self-restraint is the wealth of a monk. Armed forces are the wealth of a king.

86) Being lean is elegant for a monk. Being fat is elegant for a quadruped. Being learned is elegant for a man. Having a husband is elegant for a woman.

87) A good harpist may lose skill after separation of fiv days from harp. A good archer may lose skill after separation of seven days from bow. A good wife may lose in behaviour after separation of one month from her husband. Pupils may lose in qualification after separation of about half a month from teacher.

88) Buffalo delights in mud. Duck delights in pond.Woman delights in man. Priest delights in virtue (Dhamma).

89) One should praise meal after being digested. One should praise wife after she is over age.One should praise soldier after winning battle. One should praise paddy after being harvested and stored in warehouse.

90) The woman, who changes two or three husbands, The priest, who changes two or three monasteries, The bird who escapes from traps twice or thrice, These may have many deceits.

91) The wicked may be tamed by beating, The bad friend by quitting, The bad wife by not giving wealth, The greedy by reduction of food.

92) The night without moon is disgraceful. The ocean without waves is disgraceful. The pond without ducks (Hamza) is disgraceful. The maiden without husband is disgraceful.

93) The husband has to earn wealth, The wife has to save and spend well. Just as the thread follows the needle.

94) All rivers meander. All forests are full of wood. All women always do evil in silent place.

95) A woman who tends to be quarrelsome,Slight others, Craves for all she sees, Cooks and eats too much, Have meals ahead of her husband and visits others and stay there long should be abandoned, even though she could give birth to a hundred sons.

96) A woman who offers motherly treatment in meals and dresses, Bashful like a sister, Respectful like a slave in serving the husband, Offers counsel when in danger, Gives comfort in bed, Has propriety in dress and charm, And forbearing in anger is said to be virtuous.

97) She who wishes to be born a man in consecutive existences should respectfully serve her husband.

98) He who wishes to be born a man in consecutive existences should avoid adultery as he would avoid mud soiling his cleansed feet.

99) A senile man should not marry a much younger woman. He may have to worry about her infidelity, seeking pleasure with other. Such marriage with a younger woman will be the cause of his ruin.