Loka Niti – Words of Wisdom: The King

Continued from The Woman

The King
100) Though beggars sleep day and night, The commons sleep the entire night, The ministers and the wise may sleep two watches, And the king but one. One should not live even in a place-

101) Without the wealthy, Without the learned, Without government, Without rivers, without medicines and physicians.

102) One should not stay even a day in a place, Without person adored, Without person attached, Without relative, Without teacher.

103) Without the children the home is bereft of delight. Without government the country is bereft of development. Without wisdom ignorance is bereft of speech. But the life of the poor is bereft all-round.

104) If one wants wealth one should seek it in trade. If one wants education one should approach a sage. If one wants to have child one should marry a maiden. If one wants to be the king’s minister one should follow his wishes.

105) Monks lacking contentment may lose virtue. A king easily contented may lose power.Shameless, a woman may lose decency.

106) The strength of birds lies in the sky. The strength of fishes lies in the water.The strength of the poor lies in the king. The strength of the babies is crying.

109) Do not speak words in changing moods. Say truly in straight and consistent way. Kings, monks or the virtuous speak truly and consistently. This is the old traditional way of noble practice followed by, ancient sages.

110) A family man who is lazy is not good. A monk who does not control thought, word and deed is unvirtuous. An authority who acts wantonly is not good. A sage, given to anger, is not good.

111) A place, where there are no followers but all are leaders who want to act wise with no listener, to be great with no one humble is bound to see the ruin of whatever is done.

112) Government must be directly in the know if revenue is received or not and if seeds and food supplies are sufficient or not, if those on whom action must be taken is taken and those worthy of reward are rewarded.

113) Espousing a bad wife, Employing the wicked and cruel, Staying a place full of poisonous snakes, can lead to certain death.

114) Admonishing a bad disciple, Taking a bad woman for a wife, Seeking the company of the unvirtuous, can bring ruin even to the learned. Parents are blamed for bad child.Teachers are blamed for bad pupil. Government is blamed for bad citizenry.

115) The violent can be overcome by forbearance. The crooked can be overcome by being straightforward. The miserly can be overcome by lavishing. Those given to concoctions can be overcome by truth.

116) The untruly may be tamed by feeding and giving and all benefits gained. An edge may be gained by sweet words and subservience of others may also be attained.

117) In this world-Generosity is the potion of love. Can bring forth many to wait upon you. Frugality is the potion of hate. Can leave you unattended.

118) Strong, bad elements cannot be overcome single-handed but by united action. A blade of a grass is unsubstantial, but many blades made into a rope can bring the strength to tie an elephant.

119) Just as a flame cannot thrive but die in a place deprived of wind, a ruler without the backing of faithful retinue cannot cause success and prosperity.

120) No competition in pride with a master should be attempted. No similarity or equality of attire and wealth should be attempted.

121) Distances to be observed in the presence of those in high positions- Being too close Being too distant Being directly in front Being directly behindBeing on the windward side Being in a high place.

122) Just as a ruby enhances beauty by union with gold, one should enhance his dignity by association with the wise.