Loka Niti – Words of Wisdom: Miscellaneous

Continued from The King

123) The over-sexed has no honour. The over-carnivorous has no pity. The over-imbibed has no truthful word. The over-lazy has no education.

124) The cause of the ruin are-Over-intoxication, Over-indulgence in untimely visits, Over-enjoyment entertaining pleasure, Over-gambling, Over-association with the bad, Over-procrastination and laziness.

125) In accord with the Myanmar saying, look around and while speak in the day and below during the night- Do not make utterances without sizing up all the circumstances. Act like the hunter who always has to beware of other beasts while following the prey.

126 The disabled and extreme poverty,the long-term infirm, the foolish who knows not what is good or bad, the one who owes others enormously, the one who has to serve the king closely, may be considered lifeless though alive.

127) The nature of the wise- Avoids imminent danger when he sees it. Courageously unravels the danger that befalls.

128) Those fond of sleep Those absent-minded Those who shrink Those who are diseased Those who are lazy Those who are avaricious Those who leave work half done Do not find their way to books.

129) Wealth should go to the poor, not the rich, but this does not happen. Rain should go to high ground, not the oceans, but this does not happen. Nature takes its course, not all wishes are granted, and it is all a matter of causative act.

130) The fickle-minded has lesser weight than cotton. Lesser still is one who does not heed the words of elders. Much less still is one who is not conscious of the Dhamma.

131) Weighty is a stone umbrella. Weightier still are the words of elders. Weightiest and noblest of them all are the words of Buddha.

132) For the good of all, an individual’s interest should be overlooked. For the good of the nation and the people all other interests should be overlooked.

133) One should avoid a place which brings no benefit. One should seek a place of benefit. One should not abandon the old place recklessly without knowing the condition of the new.

134) A good friend is like a sugar cane, which is sweet from stem to top. A bogus friend is like a sugar cane that is sweet only at the stem but loses its taste at the top.

135) Thriving of agriculture Property of commerence Pleasant dutifulness of employees Monks and novices, well-provided, can practice Dhamma without worry. These are four characteristics of a nation’s well-being and development.

136) Scriptures and mantras not recited get lost. Wealth, without being industrious may diminished and perishes.

137) Laziness is a taint to a good appearance. Forgetfulness is a taint to the ascetic.

138) The property of the no industrious will inevitably get into the hands of the industrious The lazy and stupid usually say that previous fate alone is enough to rely on without making any effort.

139) The good and diligent put their energies into whatever they do. If all endeavours arrive at no fruitful end, no blame or anger is placed on the outcome.

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